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I hope this isn't going to just become yet another ad hominum about my "experience" with TB games. I never said I think everything goes perfectly in TB combat. This was in direct response to what you said about my example of casting a fireball spell and the "complexity" of managing four characters at the same time. The actual outcome surely may not be perfect, but what you were implying was the desire to have things work out perfectly, i.e. a "perfect" casting of that fireball spell.

Yes, amazingly, when I'm playing a game with highly tactical or strategic combat, I do, in fact, want the fireball spell to go in an ideal location. Is that wrong?

No, I haven't said anything to the effect that it is wrong. 'Wrong' ('right') implies an objective absolute. I'm merely saying we (meaning fans of RTwP v. TB) seem to have very different expectations of how combat should happen. You want that fireball spell to be placed ideally. I don't have any such expectation, and the challenge (and fun) of combat for me is to have that placement not be ideal and still find a way to win the encounter.