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I've heard good things about POE2. As someone who (I assume) has played both games, from a story viewpoint is it alright to just jump into POE2, or do you have to play the 1st game first? I'm not too sold on the first game. From what I've seen in reviews and videos etc it was kinda average.

I think so, as long as you power through the intro island - it does little to hook the new player as it relies on already established conncections, and straight away dives into metaphysics of the universe.

However, most of the game after revolves around new environment to the point I felt that the game would benefit more of a new protagonist, rather then finding contrived reasons to drag our old hero all the way from Dyrwood. You will also not be disappointed by retconning that happens to old companions.

I am a PoE junky so I might be missing some vital points.

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