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I think the best bet for those who want to experience the difference between Rtwp and TB, try PoE2. I tried both and I enjoyed both immensely. I was sceptical about playing it Tb but it plays reallý well.

I've heard good things about POE2. As someone who (I assume) has played both games, from a story viewpoint is it alright to just jump into POE2, or do you have to play the 1st game first? I'm not too sold on the first game. From what I've seen in reviews and videos etc it was kinda average.

I also am a huge PoE fan, and am confident in saying you do NOT have to have played the first game to be able to follow the second game. But, having said that, I would very much recommend playing the first game. PoE2 is definitely better in mechanics and rules, and also the combat--both how combat works as well as combat encounter design. However, PoE1 is better, imo, on story and atmosphere, and improves hugely when you add in the DLCs because those are extremely well-made.