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And I don't even have GTX960 - I have GTX960M. Darn. BG3, Avowed, Cyberpunk. The games I will want to play, but most likely won't be able to grows.

I've still got my GTX 1050 ti from three years ago. Wanted to wait until the new cards are all out to check (beginning of next year likely), but since I wanted to participate in the EA, not so sure... Since it's not a full release anyway, I could always lower the resolution and details a bit, perhaps. Plus, this not being a twitch-based game, the occasional frame dip won't hurt too much. Still, those requirements so far don't make much sense, as there isn't that HUGE of a difference between the minimum GTX 780 and recommended 1060. Usually the minimum and recommended are leagues apart. They'Re still in optimization, which is probably why it's that way.

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