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RTwP results in me not even adding anyone else to the party.

Why? RTwP makes it possible to effectively manage a full party of six because of how we can pause at ANY time to change orders and issue as many new orders as we might need to issue in response to what the other side is doing. RTwP makes it easy to micromage a full party of six. This is especially true if we also have the ability to check auto-pause conditions such as at the tend of every turn, every time ANY character on either side begins casting a spell, whenever any spell activates, when any member of the player's party takes damage, whenever any member of the player's party dies. RTwP is basically exactly like turn based, except the turns can be of any variable length as needed. A turn might last five minutes, five seconds, or half a second depending upon whether we need to react to something, anything, that is happening. One turn might be five seconds, then the next turn one second, then the next 12 seconds, then the next five turns are only 0.7 seconds each because a lot is happening that we need to react to. Each interval between each pause is a turn of whatever length we need it to be. And NEVER are we just standing by helplessly watching as the other side does what it wants without being able to do anything about it until the next turn.

In just every single battle my party was in against a hostile party in any of the D&D full party games I've played (IWD series, BG, and BG2 for starters) I needed to and was easily able to change first orders given once contact was made. 'No tactical plan survives first contact with the enemy.' RTwP makes it easy to make as many changes as I want and need to make as often as I want and need to make them. Turn based on the other hand significantly limits when and how often I can change orders to adjust to the dynamic ebb and flow of the action during combat. Turn based means having to idly stand by helplessly during the other sides turn (unless it's a phased WEGO system). That may be fine for a party of one, as in only me running my one player character and so a minimum of things are happening. But not if I'm trying to control a party of four or five or six.

And please, please, please eventually let us control a full and ideal party of six. Limiting us to four in the party necessarily means we can't have any redundancy unless some in the party are multiclassing. Having the one Cleric go down without a multiclass backup or a 2nd cleric for backup in a party of six really sucks. Ditto if the one MU or one legit tank goes down. A party of four doesn't permit much flexibility and makes it very vulnerable to one bad roll that cause the early loss of a key member.