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There is a HUGE difference between trying to simulate RT combat of dozens or hundreds of units from the perspective of a platoon, company, battalion, brigade, division, corps, army, squadron, task force, or fleet commander versus trying to simulate what 1-6 individual persons are doing. You are making apples to oranges, apples to walnuts, and apples to peanuts comparisons.

I am not comparing anything. Just replying to a post claiming that RT game should always come with a pause.

In fact, as far as I am concerned, there is no meaningful difference at all between RT and RTwP. RTwP is merely adding in a QoL convenience into RT combat.

Thats an absurd and over exaggerated statements, to which I replied.

If cRPGs were designed for RT combat (which they are not, they are turn-based games crammed into real time, or as Emrikol said: simultaneous turn) they wouldn't need pause. And therefore cRPG have pause, because they systems those games use were not designed to be played in such a way. It's a compensation rather then a deliberate design.

One would think big army game would need pause more then managing 6 characters. And yet, real-times games don't need pause, because they were designed as real-time games. cRPG using turn-based systems were not.

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