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As a musician,

Uuuu. What kind of musician? I am a classical violinist myself.

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Yes one could argue it didn't need pausing in combat, and that is fine as an argument, but the core mechanics of the game would not in any way have been adversely affected by including pausing.

That would be an argument I would make. I think it also very much depends how important the combat is important to the whole experience. I mentioned SC as this is a classic real-time game, but in there combat is the centre and focus so adding a pause would got against it's best interest. Same with something like Dark Souls.

On the other hand Desperados3 added an ability to pause, which I believe is counter to the genre, where executing plan in real-time is part of experience, but I don't mind it as game is still works just fine in RT with transparent binary ruleset which doesn't require pause. Or at least it would be so, if they didn't break real time showdown mode in the process of implimenting the time-stopping, but they are working on it smile

The argument against RTwP isn't that it has pause, but that I don't believe it can be played to the fullest without pausing the game due to importance of stats and rolls. Honestly, sometimes I find Kingmaker difficult to follow even in turn-based mode.