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[quote=Vlad the Impaler]The thing is, IF the ai is going to mess things up it is going to mess up in exactly the same ways regardless of whether it is messing up in a TB mode or in a RTwP mode. If the ai is going to mess up the ai is going to mess up. Whether the ai is messing up in TB mode or RTwP mode is irrelevant. In both cases the player can still fix whatever the ai does or doesn't do. The only real difference between the two modes is WHEN the player can respond to what the ai is doing.

What? There is no AI in TB, since you, the player, control every single action each and every character makes.

Ah, wrong, as in not necessarily. That really all depends upon the kind of TB we are talking about. Are we talking TB in the sense of the characters don't do anything at all in any turn until and unless specifically told each and every turn to do something? Or are we talking TB in the sense that a character keeps executing the last order given, such as a thief in the rear of the party continuously firing arrows at the nearest target until ordered to do something different? RTwP can accomplish exactly the same things as any version of TB depending upon how often the player chooses to pause to issue new orders.

So, that also really all depends upon whether, how often, and when one chooses to pause to issue new orders to exert control over the characters in your party, which in RTwP is as often as you the player wants. Every single time the player hits to space bar to pause that is the functional equivalent of ending the previous functional turn. Hitting the space bar again after issuing new orders begins the next turn. Then the player can end that next turn to issue new orders in 0.5 seconds, or 0.8 seconds, or 3 seconds, or five minutes, or whatever the player wants. In RTwP the ai has no more and no less control than what the player wants it to have according to the auto pause settings and when the player chooses to manually pause. Functional turns (i.e. issuing new orders) are turns regardless of their length and any variability to their length.