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That's fine. I feel almost the exact opposite. All the pausing in STwP destroys anything like "immersion" (I think I hate that word). TB feels much more strategic (yes, kind of like chess). And conversely, every last action matters, however minute. Lastly, TB feel much more like D&D, because that's what D&D does.

That depends upon the group you're playing with and how much they are role playing instead of cross talking out of character.

When I'm playing a turn based game I don't feel like I'm playing a character. When I play RTwP I feel more like I'm a character leading a party. That's why I wasn't much of a fan of the Neverwinter Nights games, because there's no party to lead. Only one henchman, maybe two sometimes.

Now, granted, playing an RPG with a group of other players in the party might feel different even if it is turn based, as long as the other players believe in teamwork and at least some role playing instead of zerging through everything.

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