I firmly agree that a four character party is too small. Honestly even five characters would be an improvement. For all the reasons Aeridyne gave it's too constraining. If we're able to to swap between party members then it results in potentially making some characters less attractive based on what class your main character is, which is the main negative point for me. For instance, I don't like playing fighters or other non-spellcasting classes. My interest is in magic-focused characters like sorcerors, warlocks and wizards. I might play a cleric possibly but that's a long shot. So that means it becomes less likely that I'll have room in my party for other spellcaster companions, which sucks because companions are a huge part of what makes an RPG fun for me. If an RPG doesn't have companions, that's a huge mark against it in my opinion. It makes experimentation harder too since you have less of a fallback. I don't want to have to play through classes I don't find enjoyable to play in order to interact with other characters I might find interesting. I really hope this is one of those things that they decide to change when they see it in early access because I can see it really taking away from the experience.