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According to Steam charts:

Players right now: P:K (2,896), DOS2 (9,341)
24 Hour Peak: P:K (3,180), DOS (10.535)
All Time Peak: P:K (22,643), DOS2 (93,701)

Steam is of course not the only platform, but the sample size is more than sufficient to expect very similar results elsewhere.

And how you think that first quote of mine is spin is amusing. I don't know how I could be more reasonable. What special knowledge do you claim to have that lets you be so certain that "If a TB mode can work well in a RTwP game, the same is equally true the other way around?"

And if the markets for RTwP are there, games will be supplied. It's no conspiracy. Developers and publishers are businesses (with more knowledge on the matter than you or I), and if they think offering one or the other (or both) will be more profitable, they'll do it. There's no more to it than that. There's no ideals involved, no persecution, or oppression. So drop the whole martyr complex about your "minority interests" being heard or not. It's not politics. It's business.

Steam current player charts do not at all represent sales numbers. Sales numbers are often readily available from the studios themselves mentioning them somewhere or the other. That's what I go by.

And I don't need, nor claim, any special knowledge. It is common sense to me.

Businesses routinely do exactly as I laid it out, which is to completely cater to the majority group at the expense of all others. So enough with your "martyr complex" insults. If you have no interest in engaging in a sincere and civil discussion, feel free to ignore my posts and I'll do the same of yours.
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You are wrong. Anyone who actually played the Original Sin games would know that the combat would not be balanced by flipping the switch to "real time". It's false to say all games will work equally well in either mode. That's like saying that a circuit designed with diodes will work the same way if you just reverse or remove the diodes out and reverse the current.

Anyone play, say, Diablo III? How would that play if all you did was make it turn-based instead of real time?

Diablo? Really?? Very convenient to bring in what is explicitly an action game. As for the D:OS games, yes they would be hard to convert to RTwP because Larian explicitly created mechanics for that game that can only work in TB, for example Action Points, which by their very definition cannot work in RT because the player has to input commands to the game about how they want to spend those points. So they set up the game to not be playable in any way other than TB. That was their deliberate choice. But for a D&D game on the other hand, which uses the Initiative mechanic, it is possible to convert that to RTwP as has been amply demonstrated in the IE games. Yes 5e has some additional mechanics for combat that may be harder to convert, but both WotC people as well as Larian devs, in early BG3 interviews back in February, said very clearly that there was nothing in D&D 5e that couldn't be done using RTwP. Larian chose TB for BG3 because that was their personal preference, and not because it was the only possible option for them. And the fact that the new Dark Alliance game uses 5e rules but is not TB clearly demonstrates this reality.