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That's somewhat of a rationalization for a false dilemma because not every member of the party has to have dialogue.

Well, unless something changed, that’s not going to be the case here. No matter if you use companions or self-made mercenaries they will talk. Larian RPG is not a traditional single protagonist RPG. It’s multiplayer RPG which is possible to be played in SP. As such for the most part you have full control over your companions and you will want to use them. See this demo around 37:55. Keep in mind that here Swen approaches the situation with the companion.

Frankly, I found D:OS2 tedious to play with only 4 characters as I felt the game wasn’t tailored well to managing all the party by one player.
And am not sure if it will play bette for worse in BG3. There is visible attempts to make BG3 companions more of... well, companions. Which is great. Still many systems and designed seem to be transferred over.