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The more I read the comments in this forum the more I get the impression that all Larian Studios is going to do is put D&D skins on a different game so it will look like D&D, but it won't play or feel like D&D during encounters, and so it won't really be D&D.

Have you ever actually played D&D? I don't mean D&D as manifested in games like BG1 & 2, but actual table top D&D?

Yep. I first learned D&D back when AD&D first came out. Then I played AD&D2 for quite a while. When playing with an excellent DM and a good group where the players mostly role play and minimize out of character crosstalk the play flows rather well and the "turns" are seamless during encounters. The "turns" don't feel like turns the way they do in a TB board game or TB video game. The action doesn't obviously stop and start and stop and start and stop etc. etc.. On the PC I've played all of the Icewind Dale series, Temple of Elemental Evil, Baldur's Gate with all expansions (and still play with the Enhanced version), Baldur's Gate 2 with all expansions (and can still play with the enhanced version). I loved those games and replayed them all more than once with different parties. I also played Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2. Liked but didn't love it because there's no party, only a henchman. Very disappointing. Not nearly the same feel and tactics are almost irrelevant because with only two characters there are very few tactical possibilities. Never replayed after the first play through. I also did Daggerdale and liked it even less than NWN because it is basically D&D done as an FPS with role playing elements. Never replayed it after the first play through.

If Larian makes BG3 turned based it won't be Baldur's Gate. It will some other game with BG skins and characters. Right now as I type I'm in the middle of a turn in a TB game (Panzer Corps2), and I'm eating a bowl of soup, and I'm watching a movie. Because I can do and usually do multiple things when I'm playing a TB game. When I'm done typing comments here I'll go back to finish the turn in PC2, and continue watching TV, and finish my soup. I have NEVER watched TV while playing a RTwP RPG or a RT FPS or a RT RPG/FPS.
TV distraction during an encounter in a dungeon while playing BG or BG2 is a good way to get the party killed. TV distraction when playing Fallout is a good way to stumble into a Deathclaw or some other nasty beast or pack and die fast. So, if I switch to Fallout 4 or 76 later tonight the TV goes off because RT combat, and RTwP combat, requires constant undivided attention. TB play/combat doesn't.