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RTwP is specifically designed to make combat a cinematic part of the experience.

Consider the fight scene in Balin's Tomb in Moria in Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring.

The scene is fast paced, chaotic, full of emotion as each cut and each camera pan adds emotional connection to the action on screen. There is no cut that lasts longer than 3 seconds.

Each cut is a pause, where the focus moves to a different character to give them directions based on the situation at that moment.

You are directing the action in the story that is playing out before you.

You cannot have that level of immersion with Turn Based.

It is ergodically impossible.

Baldur's Gate was DESIGNED to be a cinematic narrative experience. Not a combat simulator.

No game has ever matched Baldur's Gate BECAUSE no game has ever had the level of immersion that RTwP combat allowed the designers of Baldur's Gate.

EXACTLY! The pause function in IWD, ToEV, BG, and BG2 is there because we have to effectively manage/lead in parallel six characters. The pause while the player issues new orders in response to the ebb and flow of the action simulates each character simultaneously deciding what actions to continue or new action to switch to and what the team leader directs the team to do. Combat in those games is more like the small unit tactics of a fireteam leader leading a fireteam of six soldiers in real time rather than the different perspective of say a general commanding six divisions in a TB wargame. The "feel" is very very different.

Also, with the pause options available in BG & BG2 a player can play it exactly like a TB game if the player wants simply by selecting only the "Round" option. Then the game will automatically pause only at the end of each round/turn just like in a TB game. The additional options allow more flexibility for more player control and as little or as much control as the player wants to have.