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Each cut is a pause, where the focus moves to a different character to give them directions based on the situation at that moment.

Equating a cut to pause is erroneous.

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You cannot have that level of immersion with Turn Based.

Nor can you with a "P"

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Baldur's Gate was DESIGNED to be a cinematic narrative experience. Not a combat simulator.

No, it was designed to be a way to make the TB combat of D&D appealing to players of RT computer games like Diablo.

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No game has ever matched Baldur's Gate BECAUSE no game has ever had the level of immersion that RTwP combat allowed the designers of Baldur's Gate.

Easy with the subjectivism.

To use your attempt at the movie analogy, "RTwP" is more like watching that scene and literally pausing every second or two to check out all the set and costume details you might miss. The type of gameplay you are describing can only be achieved with real time play, especially in a competitive/public forum like an MMO (since you cannot pause).

You misrepresent the pauses during RTwP combat as if the player is doing nothing during the pause when that is far from accurate. When I'm pausing the game action in a RTwP encounter the action may be pausing on the screen but I'm doing the opposite of pausing. I'm analyzing, evaluating, planning, changing plans, making decisions about a change to tactics or not and giving new orders or not. Because I am immersed in what is happening, even during the pause, I'm reacting to what was/is happening, I'm proactively managing and leading what is going to happen because my mind and my attention and my fingers/hands and my participation are NOT pausing. My mind, attention, fingers/hands, and participation are doing the opposite of pausing.

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