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You misrepresent the pauses during RTwP combat as if the player is doing nothing during the pause when that is far from accurate. When I'm pausing the game action in a RTwP encounter the action may be pausing on the screen but I'm doing the opposite of pausing. I'm analyzing, evaluating, planning, changing plans, making decisions about a change to tactics or not and giving new orders or not.

Other than the last fie words, everything you're describing is the same thing which is happening in turn-based combat on the player's turn and on enemy turns.

Because I am immersed in what is happening, even during the pause, I'm reacting to what was/is happening, I'm proactively managing and leading what is going to happen because my mind and my attention and my fingers/hands and my participation are NOT pausing. My mind, attention, fingers/hands, and participation are doing the opposite of pausing.

It is not the fault of the game that you have the attention span of a goldfish and completely black out whenever it's not your character's turn in turn-based combat.

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Well, the most boring, tedious, repetitive, brain-dead combat I've ever encountered in a videogame was in D:OS. And filler trash mobs were plentiful in it too. Even the goblin combat encounters we've seen so far in BG3 come across to me as tedious brain-dead filler combat.

This is what people like about you. Whenever you express your opinions, you're always so polite and respectful.