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If Larian makes BG3 turned based it won't be Baldur's Gate. It will some other game with BG skins and characters.

BG3 takes place quite some time after BG2. So it's more like it's the game taking place in the same geographical place at a different point in time. Skin looks quite different and it is unknown if any of the characters will pop up for a cameo.

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TV distraction during an encounter in a dungeon while playing BG or BG2 is a good way to get the party killed.

That why you set autopause my friend. Pause when spotting enemy. Pause when spotting trap. Pause when enemy killed. AI off. I learned it when fighting the pack of goblins for the first time in Irenicus Dungeon. Never looked back.

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TV distraction when playing Fallout is a good way to stumble into a Deathclaw or some other nasty beast or pack and die fast.

You see? Turn-based game and gets the same effect as RTwP. smile

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I also played Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2. Liked but didn't love it because there's no party, only a henchman.

NWN1 yes. NWN2, no - it had up to 4 man party, with fully fledged companions.

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Right now as I type I'm in the middle of a turn in a TB game (Panzer Corps2), and I'm eating a bowl of soup, and I'm watching a movie. Because I can do and usually do multiple things when I'm playing a TB game. When I'm done typing comments here I'll go back to finish the turn in PC2, and continue watching TV, and finish my soup. I have NEVER watched TV while playing a RTwP RPG or a RT FPS or a RT RPG/FPS.

That's a weird argument. I mean you are clearly not playing Panzer Corps2 if you are busy eating a bowl of soup, watching a movie or writing on this forum. You can do the same with any game. I suppose the difference is that you don't have to manually pause PC2 to do something else, but it doesn't mean that you play the game, when you don't... play it. The fact that you choose to use automatic pause to do something else might mean that PC2 just isn't a very good game (didn't play it myself so can't comment). A good turn-based games can keep me glued to the screen for hours. The games which do make me distract myself are those no requiring much of my imput to play - like Elite, or AssCreeds Dragon Age: Origins actually. Combat in that was brain-dead repetitive bore. Almost the same with Tyranny. Turnbased games are generally the complete opposite - no visual flare to distract so it's all killer no filler, or it's crap.

Clearly you missed my point. So, no, I set several autopause conditions so I can have an opportunity to change orders if necessary when something important happens. I never have TV distractions when I'm playing a RT or a RTwP game because missing something important isn't worth the risk. I have TV distractions ONLY when I play a turn based (TB) game because they don't require constant attention.

Fallout, specifically New Vegas, 4, and 76, are NOT turn based games. They are real time RPGs combined with a lot of FPS and no pausing. Well, it pauses when your character dies. But since we don't have a fully party and instead have only one, rarely two NPC companions (when playing 76 solo, it also supports coop with other players) pausing isn't really necessary, especially since they are heavy on FPS. A pause function kinda defeats the whole point of an FPS. That is why I never watch TV when I'm playing any of the Fallout games or any other RT game. Unless I'm safely in a settlement or CAMP my attention needs to be on the screen and listening for indications of hostiles. Some of them can kill even a high level heavily armed character pretty fast if caught by surprise. Like the time I basically walked right into a L93 glowing Deathclaw that I wasn't expecting to be where it was. I only noticed it when it moved to charge.

Well, I played two NWN games and neither one had a party of four to the best of my memory. So I'm probably conflating an expansion for #1 with 2.

There is nothing weird about my argument when my argument is about the differences in the levels of emersion and involvement and attention between a RTwP game versus a TB game. Because a RTwP game, like the IWD series, BG, BG2, and NWN (TofEE is really a phased WeGo with reaction TB system, if memory serves) requires much more attention, and thus can be much more immersive than a TB game, I never do distracting activities when playing those kinds of games that I routinely do when I'm playing a TB game.

Seriously, are you really trying to tell me that I'm not playing the game I'm playing? Of course I'm watching TV and eating a bowl of soup while playing Panzer Corp 2 because that is an IGoUGo with auto reaction TB game. Consequently, it doesn't need constant attention. I don't even need to watch it while the computer runs the AI's turn. I can figure out what happened just by looking at how the units end up after the AI's turn is done. And because PC2 it is a TB tactical wargame there is no manual pausing. It automatically pauses at the end of each turn as TB games normally do. Exactly like how the IWD, BG, & BG2 games can be set to pause only at the end of each round so that it functionally plays just like a TB game if one does not do any manual pausing.

I get the impression that we mostly agree, but you missed some important context and thus didn't realize what the point is that I've been trying to make. Specifically, for this type of game I very strongly prefer RTwP to TB play. If BG3 ends up turn based then combat to me will feel just like a small unit tactical wargame. No excitement. No tension. No thrill. No immersion. Just problem/puzzle solving like chess or checkers or a typical tactical wargame.