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I am sure you're being sarcastic, in which case I would ask: exactly what am I saying here that is not polite or respectful? There is not one single word there that is a personal attack on anyone else. Not one. I am merely expressing my personal experiences as a gamer. That's it. No bad words. No cuss words. No judgment or labeling of anyone else. So exactly what are you talking about?

It's the "boring, tedious, repetitive, brain-dead" part. Hope that helps!

You can't set the combat difficulty to the lowest level and then complain that it's too easy.

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That straw man totally misses the real point.

No, you're missing the point. It's not a straw man. I'm pointing out that your defense of the pauses in RTwP applies almost exactly to turn-based combat, but apparently that concept is beyond your ability to grasp.

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And now that you have resorted to a childish ad hominem attack you obviously have no credibility whatsoever and don't deserve another nanosecond of time.

I don't see any "childish ad hominem" there. You're the one saying that you are unable to pay attention to turn-based games when it's not your turn. Are we supposed to treat you credibly when you say stuff like that?