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I am sure you're being sarcastic, in which case I would ask: exactly what am I saying here that is not polite or respectful? There is not one single word there that is a personal attack on anyone else. Not one. I am merely expressing my personal experiences as a gamer. That's it. No bad words. No cuss words. No judgment or labeling of anyone else. So exactly what are you talking about?

It's the "boring, tedious, repetitive, brain-dead" part. Hope that helps!

You can't set the combat difficulty to the lowest level and then complain that it's too easy.

So I cannot criticize something from the D:OS games because that's not polite and respectful? Yeah right. Very convenient. My words describing combat in D:OS were eminently reasonable words. You can certainly disagree with my characterization, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with my words.

As for the rest, clearly you've chosen to respond without closely reading my words. I did not complain the combat was too easy. That was someone else's characterization. My characterization was what you quote, and then I further said that because I found the combat so aggravating (due to being boring, tedious, repetitive, brain-dead) I chose to lower the difficulty so that I could get through it easier and faster. Not something complicated to understand.