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A good turn-based games can keep me glued to the screen for hours. The games which do make me distract myself are those no requiring much of my imput to play - like Elite, or AssCreeds Dragon Age: Origins actually. Combat in that was brain-dead repetitive bore. Almost the same with Tyranny. Turnbased games are generally the complete opposite - no visual flare to distract so it's all killer no filler, or it's crap.

Well, the most boring, tedious, repetitive, brain-dead combat I've ever encountered in a videogame was in D:OS. And filler trash mobs were plentiful in it too. Even the goblin combat encounters we've seen so far in BG3 come across to me as tedious brain-dead filler combat.

In other words, pure hack and slash problem/puzzle solving that is fundamentally not much different from playing Risk or a small unit tactical wargame.