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Kill this thread, please (doesn't matter whether in real-time or turn-based).

After thinking about this some more since I first responded I have changed my mind. You are correct. If Larian Studio has already made the firm decision to ignore the legacy of the Baldur's Gate games, and the Icewind Dale games, and every other D&D video game I've played, except for two that I can think of, by changing the next BG game into a TB game instead of RTwP then they might as well close out this thread because any contrary preferences and opinions are obviously totally irrelevant. They might as well cease with conning us with the illusion that our/other preferences really matter. If Larian is determined to do BG3 as a TB game just because that's how they always do their games then oh well. This is the reason why I have never played a Larian game before. There's a reason why I have never played any other TB RPG except the one D&D I know of that is TB with a phased TB system of some kind and Betrayal at Krondor which was the first RPG I ever played. That is also the only non D&D TB RPG I have ever played. Since I haven't played TofEE in so long I don't remember if it is phased IGoUGo with reaction or phased WeGo with reaction. But I gave it chance as a TB RPG only because it is a D&D game. I played through it once and was done with it, because it is TB. So yeah, end this farce and close out this thread because apparently any discussion about this issue is totally pointless.