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I can give you a fact : BG3 won't play and feel like BG1/2 at all because NOTHING looks like BG... On the other hand, the similarities with DoS are visible.

That's why the chances of me playing BG3, the game I have been looking forward to some day getting to play more than any other game, are getting smaller by the day. The more I read here the more convinced I am that all Larian is doing is taking DoS and putting D&D/BG skins on it, and adding BG characters in it, just so they can call it BG3. At least I have enhanced BG and BG2 and can still play them. In fact, I'm very close to finishing up BG again and then starting BG2 again. Everything I read in here tells me Larian is going to ruin Baldur's Gate.

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