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The more I read here the more convinced I am that all Larian is doing is taking DoS and putting D&D/BG skins on it, and adding BG characters in it, just so they can call it BG3.

Many people pointed it out for me but there is a lot of real estate between:

Faithful recreation of BG1&2 > DnD reskin of D:OS2.

As someone who played both D:OS1&2 BG is definitely not a reskin. It is however Larian RPG, not Bioware RPG. If you were hoping for fan-like continuation of BG IP, that was clear that won't be the case once it was clear who was making it... at least to those familiar with Larian sensibilities. I don't think it's a bad thing by any means, but that also means I might not enjoy it in singleplayer.

There is a reason why all RTwP vs TB has been contained to this thread. And yeah, there is no way there will be RTwP option - too much of Larian design revolves around TB system. In something like Deadfire or pathfinder it's just the matter of how combat plays out. In Larian RPG entire coop structure (and now even stealth and trap design) relies on game being turn based.