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The word "turn" has ambiguous meaning that varies from game to game. So, if a "turn" is the period of time during which characters/units execute the orders they were given until a timer expires or until all of the actions are complete then the IWD and BG games ALREADY make it possible to functionally turn a RTwP game into a TB game.

If everyone is moving around at the same time during that interval between the automatic pauses, then no, it is not remotely the same thing as what goes on in TB combat like there is in DOS and BG3. And it is comments like these that have led (and still lead) me to wonder if you really do know the what everyone else means by 'turn-based'.

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In other words, pure hack and slash problem/puzzle solving that is fundamentally not much different from playing Risk or a small unit tactical wargame.

Combining two genres (hack/slash and problem/puzzle) and calling the combination "pure" is nonsensical. Even so, there is more to these games than that (exploration, story, character interaction, effects of choices).

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So yeah, end this farce and close out this thread because apparently any discussion about this issue is totally pointless.

I never really saw this thread as a debate over the matter as it applies to this game (since there was never a question about which it would be), but more a general debate on the matter. Once the BG3 forums open up to more than one subject ("General"), perhaps this thread can be moved elsewhere so as to avoid any confusion.

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That's why the chances of me playing BG3, the game I have been looking forward to some day getting to play more than any other game, are getting smaller by the day. The more I read here the more convinced I am that all Larian is doing is taking DoS and putting D&D/BG skins on it, and adding BG characters in it, just so they can call it BG3. At least I have enhanced BG and BG2 and can still play them. In fact, I'm very close to finishing up BG again and then starting BG2 again. Everything I read in here tells me Larian is going to ruin Baldur's Gate.

These sentiments have been made by others before you and have been debated elsewhere on these forums. Although, I believe that such arguments should handled specifically (i.e. issue by issue) instead of by blanket statements, so this is the place to discuss how you believe TB will "ruin Baldur's Gate."

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We don't really know how difficult it is to accommodate both. We can only speculate.

As is the nature of this thread going circles, this was already adressed some here. http://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=658862#Post658862

Good find