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The more I read the comments in the forum the more I get the impression that Larian is basically just going to put D&D skins on a different game so it will look like D&D, but it won't really play or feel like D&D. I guess it's a good thing I can still play BG & BG2.

I look forward to this game and I will play the EA. But so far this gives me zero nostalgia hits. I dont feel like the game is Baldurs Gate, I feel like the game is D:OS2.

And this might sound wierd but D:OS1 (non-enhanced) does NOT feel like D:OS2. I love D:OS1 but I cant stand the enhanced edition. To pinpoint what they "enhanced" that ruined it for me is hard and I would probably start contradicting myself if I tried. It basically is a non-descript sensation that makes you feel a certain way. What D:OS1 feels like to me are the truly oldschool games of Spiderweb, the Exile games. Which is wierd because those games doesnt seem similar at all except theyre both fantasy RPGs.

But what I wanted to point out here is that having zero nostalgia in a game that rides on the tsunami wave of the original games is a mistake.