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But what I wanted to point out here is that having zero nostalgia in a game that rides on the tsunami wave of the original games is a mistake.

That would be mistake only if Larian we’re trying to ride in the tsunami wave of the nostalgia. I think it is clear, that unlike PoEs which tried to appeal to people’s memory of IE games, BG3 is not interested in that. It’s their RPG set after events of BG3 around the city of BG. Presumably even if it won’t appeal to many original BG fans, it will find its own audience.

I do not understand how someone who pays attention to this can think that Larian *isnt* trying to ride the "THE NEXT BALDURS GATE GAME!" hypetrain. But you're right about one thing and thats that the core audience for a game in 2020 wont be players who were adolescents in 2000. And I'm fine with that, I was just hoping I would see a glimmer of the good old days, you know?