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I do not understand how someone who pays attention to this can think that Larian *isnt* trying to ride the "THE NEXT BALDURS GATE GAME!" hypetrain.

I don't understand how someone who pays attention to what Larian has revealed so far, can think that they do. Did you get a single nostalgia hit so far? I didn't and BG2 is my very very very dearest game ever. I am pretty sure that for many potential player "next game from Larian" carries more weight then "the next Baldur's Gate game". I was convinced from the very beginning that Larian will be better of serving their existing fanbase first, rather then trying to create something that nostalgia fueled BG1&2 fans will accept.

My initial point was that I dont feel any nostalgia and I thought that was a mistake. Which is wierd since if this game was D:OS3 and not BG3 it wouldnt get near as much attention. Sure, people would be looking forward "the next Larian game" but the fact that it has the name of the most iconic roleplaying game in computer history is what elevates it to something else. I mean its pretty much the main grief people have with the game: "Its not Baldurs gate, its D:OS3". You're genuinely confusing me here because I think its so blatantly obvious that they wanted to hitch a ride on the Baldurs Gate hypetrain that when you disagree youre basically telling me that water isnt wet.