I may or may not agree with the notion that the game is worthy to be called BG, but I have to say that Wotc are the ones that allow them to use the name, so they have all the rights to use it, so I´m not going to be swamped in another discussion about if they´re worthy of the name, if they should call it the game this or that because it´s pointless. It changes nothing.

What I´m going to say is that they could make the game they want to. They do not have to be restrained by the expectations of some people would have simply because of the name, and they never confirmed nor feed nor promised to keep those expectations. They always said that they are going to work closely with WotC, that whey want to make a D&D game, that they want to make a party based game, that they are willing to listen to the player´s feedback , but they never said that they want to make yet another "spiritual successor" of the game.
I say, let them do their own vision of the game. They own it.

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