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I may or may not agree with the notion that the game is worthy to be called BG, but I have to say that Wotc are the ones that allow them to use the name, so they have all the rights to use it, so I´m not going to be swamped in another discussion about if they´re worthy of the name, if they should call it the game this or that because it´s pointless. It changes nothing.

Yes for sure. I have no desire to reopen that can of worms either. My point has nothing to do with the question of whether larian should/has the right to/is justified in using the BG name. That is a completely moot issue as you say, and I agree.

My point simply is that one cannot say WotC/Larian's decision to use that name is a neutral or arbitrary decision. It is indisputably a *calculated* decision meant to help sell the game to a wider audience than they would get if they did not use that name. That's all I'm saying.