I´ve see many definitions of the feels that the previous games bg2 games have. For many it the game had a dark tone, for many it was a fun game with jokes about the three stooges and space miniature hamsters and gnomes that talk too much, an incredible D&D game, a compelling story, a great tactical game, etc etc.

Maybe for the devs of Larian the spirit of the BG games are a party-based game with developed companions and based in the current D&D installment of the tabletop; for other people it´s a game about a baalspawn played in real time with a party of six ; maybe for other is a D&D 2ed game,...
Everybody could have their vision, they´re like noses. Everybody has one (besides Voldemort)

But the ones that ultimately could make his vision of a new game come true is Larian. They said they will listen to the feedback but we must be aware that they´re going to make his own game in the end, and it´s going to be a BG3. His BG3.