Each round 6 seconds, it makes sense for (Multiplayer) to allow the entire squad to take their turn at the same time to speed up and help communication. After playing several hours of DOS2 I noticed the hack and slash warrior class is done turn preparation much faster compared to a spell caster who is using intelligence and careful planning to ensure maximum use of their limited resources and survivability. I hope the developers take this into account and enhance the visual and audio of physical prowess during combat when making a weapon attack - especially the critical hits.

Some options could be to auto-zoom in for a weapon attack or show some unique combat maneuvering (pun intended). Enhance and tailor sound effects or adjust the music for the warrior classes. Alternatively you give soft music for the spell casters and healers and make it stop playing after 6 seconds and say something to hurry up (you must gather your party before venturing forth).

I just think there has to be some sort of compensation or balance to the pending wait time.