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They WHY the frakk bother with calling it Baldur's Gate 3? If they are essentially making a very different game and then borrowing characters and locations from the Baldur's Gate games so they repackage a different game as BG3 then just be honest about and call it something else. So far this looks like a classic bait and switch con game.

It what MAKES BG3. What makes Fallout3? Is fallout3, 4, 76 a fallout game?

There was no bait and switch. It was announced that Larian makes BG3 and from that point on if one were in touch with current RPG landscape then one would know what to expect. And gameplay revealed was 100% what I expected plus some stuff that actually peaked my curiosity. Game was never advertised as anything else. Disappointment with what BG3 is purely personal, and while you are free do dislike it, just like I somewhat do, there is no deception nor scam going here. Larian is doing Baldur’s Gate3 just as Bethesda did Fallout3 or Obsidian did Neverwinter Nights2. Larian makes a Larian RPG, Bethesda did a Bethesda RPG, Obsidian did Obsidian RPG.