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Larian's silence on additional companions is indeed worrisome. Everyone keeps saying there will surely be more, but I'm not sure. And since the vampire spawn and Sharite should be automatic no's for a good-aligned party, party composition is absolutely set for a good-aligned party with no possibility for any choice.

More companions will be added throughout Early Access, so what everyone is saying is correct.

Okay, thanks.
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I believe they said each writer is in charge of the writing for a companion, with one writer having two. So that's 13 companions, I think, if I have my writer count correct. There will also be the ability to recruit mercenaries.

If this is correct, that would be good news. With thirteen, I can imagine there will be sufficient options for a good-aligned party to be created including with balance across needed party roles.

But hiring mercenaries is a hard 'no.'

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