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honestly im kind of afraid there wont be enaugh companions
i dont mind having less than bG1 or 2, but i dont intend to play as any of the companions so id rather have more with a fixed personaltiy rather than 80 different paths each

Right now most of them seem pretty unlikeable

On this I agree with you. I also generally cannot stand the companions revealed thus far, even the non-evil ones. Maybe the githyanki will be tolerable, but still, I would never ever even think of playing as one of the origin characters. And if cutting back on all the reactivity of the origin companions is the price that has to be paid for more companions, I would also be very okay with that. But I think the problem there is that Larian's default expectation is that players SHOULD play as one of their origin characters and NOT as a custom character. So they want to make their origin characters super-attractive to play as, so that players will feel like they're missing out on a lot by not playing as one of the origin characters.