RtWP looks obvious as soon as you read the rules and try to understand what feelings D&D try to convey through it's rules.

I read everywhere that GMs always adapt the rules, hear everywhere something like : "an ennemy is running to you : what are you doing?", "He try to hit your head : what are you doing ?"
,... things that gives the feeling of chaos and reality during battles.
Can we conclude saying that the rules can be modified by players also to look a little bit more "real time" ? What are 6 "seconds" if it's not about (real) time ?

Whatever you like TB or RTWP, it's done so it's not important to argue about what is Baldur's Gate 3... But it looks obvious to me that RTWP suits the philosophy and the feeling D&D players are supposed to experience, while TB suits more the way it's played for convenience.
They chose their way to translate D&D on a computer, such as the first owner of the licence did 20 years ago.

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