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Whatever you like TB or RTWP, it's done so it's not important to argue about what is Baldur's Gate 3... But it looks obvious to me that RTWP suits the philosophy and the feeling D&D players are supposed to experience, while TB suits more the way it's played for convenience.

How strange then, that WotC saw Divinities and said: "Yes, those are the guys who can do justice to our IP. Let's have them over an pitch BG3 to us". Maybe, just maybe: projecting your own preferences on the source material a bit much?

Whatever my own preferences, Larian is probably one of the best partners for many reasons, I never said anything else.
But do you really think WotC chose the studio because of the combat system they use in their game...? It suits well, such as other systems but don't be naive... They did different choices 20 years ago but TB was in video games 20 years ago.

Whatever I read or I look about P&P, it's always done to look like real scenes and it always feel like real scenes.... Like a book you read in which you have a line that introduce the action of Drizzt, then another one that introduce the action of Bruenor, then Wulfgar, then the demon, then,... When I read a book, I don't see things in TB whatever we're talking about combats or any other actions.

RT is the way they introduce combats in the rules what else do you want ? What are reactions if it's not a "real time" mecanic ?

I personnaly think that a great part of BG's sucess is that it feels like a story you can imagine and read in a book in many ways... But I know books aren't what's sold the most today.

Anyway I don't play P&P, that's maybe why I'm way more interrested in the flow of the entire story telling (combats included) than in the mecanics used for convenience arround the table smile

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