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As to what a difference between 6sec RTwP and IgoUgo Turn-based - those are different rulesets - the difference should be self explanatory.

Yeah, I agree. His claim was that RTwP is the better choice because it can also be TB by only using an auto pauses after every 'round', which may be true with a certain kind of TB. However, doing so will not produce the kind of turn based combat Larian used in DOS and has shown to be in BG3, as really should be clear to anyone posting here.

Actually, that is not exactly what my claim is. But that isn't important atm.

If BG3 automatically pauses each initiative round so the player then the computer gets to issue orders to eligible characters the result would be IDENTICAL to RTwP set to pause at the end of each six second round instead of at the end of each one minute turn. In BOTH cases each game would pause every six seconds, and in BOTH games the only characters eligible to do something would be the ones who are eligible because of their initiative. This of course assumes that the D&D rules BG3 will use still follow the same pattern of 10 six second initiative rounds every minute.