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Are you serious ? Congratz, you just win a medal sleep

You're the one putting forth a ludicrous argument that Real Time with Pause gameplay is realistic and accurate, even though it has unrealistic pausing in it. Pausing good for "real time" gameplay, pausing BAD for turn-based gameplay.

TB is NOT only a pause ! TB completely cut everything in... turns in which everything is frozen and out of time except the one whose turn it is...
Don't you really understand the obvious difference between TB and RTwp about the totally different way they approach the question of time... ...?

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Pure simulation and realism.
Realistic films and books would be boring. Realistic games would be boring. It all comes down to what makes want to bring out.

Edit. Abstraction isn’t a problem if it’s consistent. It might not be to your liking and it’s fine. Theatre asks for a lot of suspension of disbelief, but it doesn’t make it inferior to films. TB might ask for more suspension of disbelief but gains and fleshes out other aspects.

Keep in mind I was talking about stories and time management.
It looks like the word "simulation" leads you somewhere else but... I even don't understand why I have to explain why RT is way more accurate to reality than TB, especially in battles...

Whatever are our own preferences, it's a fact.

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