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Keep in mind I was talking about stories and time management.
It looks like the word "simulation" leads you somewhere else but... I even don't understand why I have to explain why RT is way more accurate to reality than TB, especially in battles...

Whatever are our own preferences, it's a fact.

As to what you mean, you do seem to have very selective application of "more like real life" which I don't quite follow. Personally, I would be more bothered by AC, which is highly illogical - I mean putting heavy armor someone makes you harder to hit? It's not like it's abstraction of damage reduction, which exists (or already existed). And "forgetting" spells until sitting on ones butt for a while to re-remember them.

As to stories - "shrug" devs have similar amount of tools at their disposal to create encounters that would contribute to the narrative. The hurdle to jump over is accepting turn order as "simulation" of character reflexes and speed. I don't personally find it it to be a big think to ask. That said, I played quite a lot of turn based games in my youth, like UFO or ADOM so I might be more inclined toward it as a valid system for an immersive RPG.

Yes, the fact that people move and act one after the other during specific phases feel "less like real life" to me. Is that a "very selective application" ? It sounds strange to me because that could sumarize the main difference between TB and R(eal) T(ime).

According to me the flow of the story is broken each time you face an ennemy. Each time I engage, a parenthesis in another reality of time opens in front of the story and close when every ennemies are dead.

I like lots of TB games for many reasons but I don't experience them the same way. If you consider the "RPG" dimension is at the same quality level, I like DoS a'd Wasteland 2 because it's about strategy while playing Baldur's Gate feels more like and adventure.

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