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This assumption is probably the source of your disconnect with BG3 game concepts. The last version of D&D to use one minute rounds of 10 x 6 second segments was AD&D 2e, the last version produced by TSR, and the last with any sort of input from Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, who invented the game and the RPG genre in general.

Just wanted to express my thanks for that post. It was an interesting read. I think I understand now a bit better where people come from when claiming that BG RT implementation was more faithful, at least when it comes to earlier versions.

You are welcome; but, in fact, I was not actually correct! The change to sequenced actions took place when 3e was released; each actor ( in initiative order ) completed their 6 seconds of actions before the next actor decides what to do, and the DM lost their choreograph role at that point. What 5e added was an explicit categorisation of actions/bonus actions/reactions etc.

This means that the NWN games were using 3e stats, but still operating under 2e concepts of simultaneous choreographed action - a hybrid of sorts. My initial incorrect assumption about 3e ( which I just checked and found to be wrong ) came about because I did not play TT after 2e, but did play the NWN games, not realising they did not represent the new TT rules accurately.


I want to thank you for being one of the only other people I've seen to bring up the differences between 2e and editions beyond it regarding this.

It's something I try to bring up in RTWP vs TB discussion when I can, but I have a rough time describing it aptly enough for it to make a ton of sense.