Hi all ,

My beef with RT vs Turns is how AI and game play handles this . Dont get me wrong i play RTS games but have diferent set ups .

The problem is the engine and Larian dev on this .

One last video i've seen today ( cant link here ) has one goblin archer left on the roof of a house .... well to get to him with 1 char or the 3 left is a shit show of "dash" + " end turns" that takes quite some time .

I mean thats a fun killer right there . Given this game for some reason
has like 3 layer of elevations and map is bad to navigate is gona be painful to play .

So ajustments need to be done or is going to be a pain . ( imagine reaching that said enemy and he gets a good roll and downs you , then waiting for other two to get there ..... will suck big time )