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I dont find any chalange so far in the game based on videos shown so far by Larian .

Maybe higher dificulty will have something else .

But like i said all chars in the party have available skill sets to deal with everything . There is so far for me no party cohesion . You want to have a party of 4 mages ....well they can jump like superheroes and wear all armor types , etc ( i get is 5E rules but srsly this might not be the best idea for an RPG video game - from fun point of view) .

Not saing the Tank , healer , dps , buffer - party type - is the best but sure was\is fun .

And since is all TB will be a walk in the park . At leasr RT could make me sweat a bit and make me play more cursive.

You cannot judge difficulty based on seeing a few videos of an alpha version of a game. Especially because those videos are there to show off content, not to show off an overtuned difficulty which keeps the player from advancing.

Your claim that turn-based is a walk in the park on the sole basis that it is turn-based is absurd.