I also want the party to have six members.
Not only because, since Larian's game is called "Baldur's Gate 3", I expect that if it cannot be a literal continuation of the previous two parts, it will at least include some solutions that older players will remember.
It is also about choice. It is supposed to be a role-playing game where the emphasis is on the ability to make decisions. You can kiss the goblin's foot, attack him, or do something else. There should also be such a possibility with the party. If someone likes to play as one character, they should be able to do so. If prefers four - no problem! Six characters on a party - take it easy, it is possible.
If it wasn't "Baldur's Gate 3", I wouldn't have such a problem. But this is not just some random RPG, or even a casual game set in the world of DnD. This is "Baldur's Gate" and should still resemble the previous parts in terms of the number of party members and similar details. I don't feel nostalgic looking at the trailer and gameplay. The graphics are not like the first two Baldur's, but I can understand that - different times, different player requirements, etc. But not being able to recruit six members instead of four hurts. It's not Neverwinter Nights, it's Baldur's Gate... right?