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Of course it will be moved up. On Deadfire you barely ship past Tutorial Island™ and have already leveled up like five times -- all the DOS games have you going from level 1 to godlike -- this is the gaming age of insta gratification and level ups around every even numbered hour at the least.

Wonder whether somebody will stand up how this is nothing like BG here too (nor part 2 base game).

Are you expressing a cynical dissatisfaction with an increased level cap?

There are some people who prefer to play dungeons & kobolds instead of dungeons & dragons.

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congratulations you got what you wanted.

now lets hope this isnt to the detriment of the game.
It certainly wil be to the detriment of the lategame balance.

He din't said that the lv cap will gonna be 20. My guess is 12 or 13. And fun > balance. Is not as if 5e is even balanced. Sure, in higher level, the difference between a Wizard/Druid and a Ranger/Monk is much bigger on lv 20 but is not as if that difference doesn't exist on lv 6.

One rule which I loved on 2e is that more complex classes required way more XP to level up than simpler ones.

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