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My best guess is itll be based on spell level since they dont want level 9 magic due to some of it being world breaking or godlike so best guess is 10(if spell level ends at 5) 12 (if its ends a 6) 14(if it ends at 7) and 16 (if the spell level stops at 8th level)

Completely wrong. Godlike spells are above what even 3.5e epic magic can do. 3.5e epic magic is like spell lv 9.9 but still weaker than the Netherise 10/11th tier spells. Unless you are playing as a lv 25+ character in a Netherise campaign, you will not see one of then. And even then, require high cost and are rarely used. Tolodine's killing wind drains your own caster level but can slay an army. Saying that 5e 9th level spells are godlike is DOWNPLAYING gods... To become a lich, you need to be able to cast 9th tier spells and strike a deal with Orcus. Orcus still weaker than any deity.

Second because Casters can cast way less high level magic on 5e and most powerful 5e spells like wail of the banshee got removed. Stop Time is nowhere near powerful as on 2e.

I don't think that lv cap = 20 will gonna work. However, going to lv 11/12/13 will not give us the powerful spells.

The Vecna reborn module from 2e has you starting at lv 8 and the module said that the focus should't be to defeat Vecna as even a lv 20+ party will have almost no chance against Vecna... And note that Vecna is a DEMI power. Any lesser deity is far stronger.

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They already said that they plan to make another BG game after this one ( except disaster happens)


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