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Yes this was a good interview. I really liked that he specifically said they are designing the UI to be able to easily support someone creating a mod to increase party size to six. I sure hope such a mod will be among the first created, and that will be an automatic add-on to any BG3 game I play. Because party of four is just simply not D&D to me.

I agree its sad that we have to wait for a mod and not say an option we could trigger in the options menu since larian themselves see it as a wanted feature

Possibly because then it’s Larian’s responsibility to make the 6 member party option balanced and fun to play. Clearly they’ve made the decision to go with 4 members because they think that’s best for the game they are making. Just upping the count could affect a lot of things that could easily get messy and be less fun for many or most players who then complain it’s rubbish.

It’s probably better to let mods handle that. They’ll probably be a quick dirty one really fast, then others later with people trying to balance throughout the game.