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BG2: SoA is popular, Throne of Bhaal is quite possibly the worst received of the entire bunch, even including IWD2.

ToB is hated by being rushed due licensing stuff. Not by being high level. HotU is more loved than nwn1 and nwn2 motb is far more popular than base game. And note that both neverwinter nights has you at lv 3 after the tutorial and is possible to reach lv 10 on the first chapter.

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I checked the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It’s actually:

1 - 4: local heroes
5 - 10 - heroes of the realm
11 - 16 - masters of the realm
17 - 20 - masters of the world

That is my BIGGEST problem with 5e. They did rules only for the typical sword coast adventure. A lv 11 guy in lower dark or in the 666th layer of the abyss is far from "masters of the realm", is probably weaker than a "local hero". Shadowfell is also a non threatening place on 5e. 2e and 3.5e was a edition that can be easily adapted to low magic settings, to horror settings, to survival settings and so on. 5e doesn't work well on D&D multiverse.

Can you imagine a campaign in 5e set in the Netherese city who survived Karsus avatar and is now in shadowfell?

If any notorious mage from Netheril : the Empire of magic with all powers is transported to 5e Faerun, the war would be like the video bellow(i know that he can't cast tier 10 spells anymore, but an just supposing)

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