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BG2: SoA is popular, Throne of Bhaal is quite possibly the worst received of the entire bunch, even including IWD2.

ToB is hated by being rushed due licensing stuff. Not by being high level. HotU is more loved than nwn1 and nwn2 motb is far more popular than base game. And note that both neverwinter nights has you at lv 3 after the tutorial and is possible to reach lv 10 on the first chapter.

NWN got popular more for its persistent world scene than for any mechanical or individual module basis. Without PWs, it was a terribly middling game. Even when the EE came out, it was all anyone cared about facilitating at the end of the day.

Reaching high level hasn't been the success nor failing point of a D&D game. Further, these comparisons I always see to either older editions or official Netherese stuff from earlier editions don't make sense in the context of 5e. The ruleset changes, the lore does not - a 20th level character is still of incredible power relative to those around them, as before.