Why people keep bringing ToB?

1 - ToB was rushed and a lv 18+ campaign should't happen in the "realms of humans", they should made a demon who wanna ascend to godhood luring every bhaalspawn to his layer on abyss and a campaign where you need to deal with a demon lord and other bhaalspawm. That would be amazing.

2 - Larian is talking about raising lv cap a little, to maybe 12 or 13. After DLC's, maybe 15. Not to 20. And unless Larian raises the lv cap to 20 AND homebrew rules similar to epic levels(3.5e) or mythic paths(pf1e), any mention to ToB is irrelevant. Hell, probably Shadows of Amn will have a far greater lv cap than BG3.

3 - I get why so many people who prefer low level are disappointed. We don't have a low level focused D&D adaptation to PC since ToEE. Pathfinder Kingmaker was except by the first chapter not a low level campaing. And now, we will gonna get a even more epic campaign where the PC's can even become a Lich(wrath of the righteous). But Solasta will maintain the lv cap = 10 and be turn based 5e. Is just not a official D&D game. Only uses D&D rules.