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If i was a betting person i would say the level cap will be level 15

I would say 13 in final game and maybe 15 after DLC's.

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I disliked ToB, but it was precisely for the reason that I very strongly prefer lower level games and not because of any quality issues with ToB. I just simply start losing interest in a game once the characters in the game (PC, companions, NPCs) become god-like (and this has been true for all games: the DA games, TES games, Witcher, everything).(...).

Again. You will not gonna see ToB/MotB style lv 30 characters!!!! 5e doesn't even have this types of rules. And a high level character is far bellow any deity. On 2e, you need like a party of 8+ lv 20+ guys to maybe take the weakest demigod.

Oh I agree. I'm not arguing against you. My comment was just about ToB and not anything to do specifically with the debate about BG3 levels.